T.I.’s 18 year-old son, King Harris, was recently arrested on unknown charges.

We’ve seen King grow up publicly right before our eyes, as T.I. and his family

embarked on the ‘Family Hustle’ for many years. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen

the young King get into some trouble. We previously reported that King went viral

after he got into a heated argument with a Waffle House employee. “Of course,

I spoke with my son. Me and his uncles,” T.I. said following the viral dispute.

We were perplexed by his necessity to go back-and-forth with the short-order cook

I didn’t understand why he felt he needed to stop what he was doing to engage someone who’s at another level of life.

Now, King took to Instagram to address a recent arrest and people who says he’s “trying to be gangsta.

He writes via his Instagram story. everybody that’s say n**** tryna be gangsta. I ain’t ask for the police to pull me over,

y’all b**** a*** n****,” he shared. He then posted a picture following the incident writing,

“I’m bacc. F*** 12!! A lil minor set bacc fa a major come bacc.”

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