That infamous romance turns out to be with Madonna, played by Evan Rachel Wood

who asks Weird Al to parody her famed song “Live a Virgin,” which Yankovic turns into “Like a Surgeon.”

the actress appears opposite Radcliffe in a fiery romance fueled by sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll.

The real-life Madonna is also similarly working on her own biopic, with Julia Garner cast as the “Lucky Star” singer.

Madonna is writing and directing the feature film. Garner underwent a “grueling” performance boot camp to be able to play Madonna onscreen.

To become Weird Al, Radcliffe transformed into Yankovic as part of the “weirdest thing” he’s ever had to do on set.

Radcliffe recalled to The New York Times.

I was like, ‘It’s top two, with the only other one being Paul Dano riding me like a Jet Ski at the beginning of ‘Swiss Army Man.'”

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” premieres November 4 on The Roku Channel.