The chemical engineer who hurled homophobic slurs on an airplane was also

dropping a ton of other bigoted bombs as well namely, the N-word. which got him into a fight.

the now-fired, ex-GlaxoSmithKline-employee -- alluded to being racist

in the first video we got of him freaking out ... and now, we have the proof.

Here's new video, obtained by TMZ, showing him on Tuesday throwing the epithet around like it was a frisbee.

clip picks up with him being escorted off the plane, and he's literally dropping the N-word

left and right -- in front of Black airline employees, no less -- with no shame.

As others hear him on his way out now entering the main terminal area of the airport

he starts to get accosted and confronted by outraged bystanders

who tell him to watch his mouth, or suffer the consequences.

He chose to do the latter, and all hell broke loose.

Easterly had suggested he was somewhat intoxicated during this, but that's obviously no excuse

sounds like he got some things off his chest that he'd been holding in a long time.